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Hush (2021)

Coming of Age, Drama, Dance | 15' 00''  | EN | Digital | 16:9 | Color | Stereo or 5.1

In order to master the solo in the repertory, a young standby dancer decides to learn from the top dancer who is isolated by other members. Eventually, she has to take the risk of losing her friends and chooses a side.

Shortlisted for competition section in Young Director Support Project of Beijing Liangjie Culture Media Co., Ltd (北京良介文化). 

"Mother" (2020)

Drama, Sci-fi | 12'19'' | CZ | Digital | 2.35:1 | Color | Stereo or 5.1

Hana, an AI who believes she is pregnant and alone, has to find an escort before she can enter the operation room and begin her abortion. Her choices will affect her evaluation as a universal caregiver at the end.

Beverly Hills Film Festival - Official Selection

 Fishbowl (2019) 

Psycho drama, romance | 8'27'' | CZ | 16mm film |16:9 | Color | Stereo or 5.1

During the visit of her close friend and pursuer, an imaginative young woman has to face the loss of her boyfriend again and try to move on.

ARFF Amsterdam - Best Student Film Award (2021)
Florence Film Awards - Best Student Film (2020)
Prague Youth Film Festival -  Official Selection (2019)