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She went to Sarah Lawrence College and was trained under project-oriented interdisciplinary education. During her study, she has explored a variety of art forms including animation, literature, dance, etc. After her graduation, she moved to Prague and studied film directing at FAMU (The Film and TV School of the Academy of Performing Arts). While practicing basic theatrical structures, she constantly explored her style and themes. She likes to depict reality with a slightly fairytale-like tone.  Under the influence of mentors such as Bela Tarr and Heather Winters (PGA, AMPAS), she prefers to work with non-actors and observes their characteristics, daily activities, and subtle emotions before combining them into her work.


2023 Fir. Writer, director, editor. Currently in post-production.

2022 The Bus Stop Where Once We Were. Writer, director, editor.

2022, Red Balloon, 35mm short film. Writer, director, editor.

2021, Hush, dance short film. Writer, director, producer. Semi-Finalist at Flickers’ Rhode Island International Film Festival 2022.

2020, "Mother", Sci-fi short film. Writer, director. Official Selection of Beverly Hills Film Festival 2021

2019, Fishbowl, 16mm short film. Writer, director. Best Student Film of ARFF Film Festival(Amsterdam) 2021

Other Works

November 2017, You for Me for You, theater, 90 min. Position: video/animation.
Theater performance of two North Korean sisters who defect and must navigate the Land of the Free and their own personal beliefs. Including video projections, the stage performance is the major production of the theater program at Sarah Lawrence College, NY.

August 2017, Shape or Shaped (形·态), theater, 90 min. Position: assistant director.
A physical theater piece performed in Beijing, China. It aims to provoke a critical discussion of profound social norms and question the standardized values of society.

2015-2016, To the Capital of Gold (通向金都), novel, 373 pages. Position: writer.
A group of teenagers have to discover and face their painful past while they fight to become the guardians of their nation, continue their parents’ mission, and protect the country. Published in March 2016, China.