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Xueni is a dynamic multifaceted artist who weaves her dance, acting, and directing background to craft narratives rich in emotion and nuances. Raised amidst diverse cultures, she earned her B.A. at Sarah Lawrence College in New York. Further, she refined her cinematic skills at FAMU in Prague, where she had a chance to study under the mentorship of Bela Tarr.  


Currently, she is actively engaging in lecturing and mentoring at universities in Prague and China while developing various short and feature films. Moreover, she is on the verge of unveiling 'Fir,' a poignant exploration of identity and the emotional struggles faced by third-culture kids.


2023 Fir. Writer, director, editor. Nomination of the Best Student Film Award at Czech Lion Awards held by Czech Film and Television Academy (ČFTA).

2022 The Bus Stop Where Once We Were. Writer, director, editor.

2022 Red Balloon, 35mm short film. Writer, director, editor.

2021 Hush, dance short film. Writer, director, producer. Semi-Finalist at Flickers’ Rhode Island International Film Festival 2022.

2020 "Mother", Sci-fi short film. Writer, director. Official Selection of Beverly Hills Film Festival 2021

2019 Fishbowl, 16mm short film. Writer, director. Best Student Film of ARFF Film Festival(Amsterdam) 2021

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